Career Objective:To create groundbreaking, highly detailed, memorable 3d characters with a sound anatomical/well designed structure that can be used for animation.


Bellator: MMA Onslaught - 2012 - Character Artist
Girl Fight (PSN/XBLA) - 2011-2012 - Character Artist
Supremacy MMA Unrestricted (PS Vita) - 2011 - Character Artist
Lollipop Chainsaw (Xbox 360/PS3) – 2011 - Character Modeler
RawK Intel Demo – 2011 - Creature Modeler & texture artist
Red Dead Redemption (PS3, Xbox 360) – Character Modeler
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves  (PS3)  2009 - Tools & Technology via SCEA
Killzone2 (PS3) – 2009 – Tools & Technology via SCEA
Shadows of the Damned (Xbox 360) – 2011 - Object Modeler
Tiberium (PS3, Xbox 360 – cancelled) – Character Rigger
Rockstar Presents: “Table Tennis” (Xbox 360) – 2006 – Character Modeler
Stand Down! (Cellular) – 2007 – Vehicle Modeler
Rise of Rome (PC) – 2005 – Character Modeler
Fate (PC) – 2005 – Character Modeler


●Sculpted/textured/concepted high resolution characters assets for upcoming PSN/360 title "Girl Fight".

●Sculpted high resolution assets for "Bellator: MMA Onslaught"

●Sculpted high resolution assets for "Supremacy MMA Unrestricted".

Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. - Suginami-ku, Tokyo (contract character/object modeler/facial and body skinning)

●Sculpted/textured high res/low res boss character and weapon for "Lollipop Chainsaw".     Prepared character for in game use and skinned the asset.

Confetti Special Effects Inc – San Diego, CA (contract creature modeler/texture artist/concept artist)

●Created concept for/modeled/textured the hero mechanical creature RawK for Confetti’s demo to be shown at the Intel booth during the of GDC 2011 

WhiteMoon Dreams – Pasadena, CA(contract 3d artist)

●Sculpted/textured high resolution character and environment assets for an upcoming GenCon demo of “War Machine

Sony Computer Entertainment America – San Diego, CA (contract modeler/designer)

● Created concepts, models, textures, normal maps, environments, UI and game  design elements for SCEA's demo of a new toolset geared to help simplify game  design in all of Sony's worldwide studios
● Created character and background concepts for game development pitches

Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. - Suginami-ku, Tokyo (contract object modeler)

● Modeling, UV layout and clean up of high resolution assets for Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.’s upcoming ‘Shadows of the Damned’ collab with Shinji Mikami and EA.  Coming out for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and PC

Electronic Arts Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA (contract character rigger)

● Facial Rigging/Body Rigging for in-game Cinematic Lead Characters in Electronic Arts Los Angeles’ upcoming “Tiberium” for Xbox 360 & PS3

MachineWorks Northwest LLC – Atlanta, GAcontract low poly asset creator)

● Modeled and textured level assets for MachineWorks NW LLC "StandDown!" cellular phone game

Rockstar San Diego – Carlsbad, CA (in house character artist)

● Created Models/Textures/Normal Maps/A.O. maps and Rigged many   characters in “Red Dead Redemption” for   Xbox 360 & PS3
● Modeled, textured, and created hair shader assets for all of the characters in the Xbox 360 release of “Rockstar Presents: Table Tennis
● Rigged and Normal mapped several of the player characters in the Xbox 360 release of "Rockstar Presents: Table Tennis"

Liquid Development – Portland, OR (contract character artist/object modeler)

● Modeled and Textured Several Characters for Wild Tangent’s "Fate"
● Modeled, Textured, and Rigged a Low Poly Model for Ensemble Studio’s game, Rise of Rome
● Created High Resolution asset for Nike's Digital Athlete Lebron James
● Created High Poly Model to be used as a normal map for Perpetual Entertainment   
Computer Experience:
Maya, Zbrush, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, 3d Studio Max, Houdini (modeling and particle simulation), Adobe Premiere

1999-2003 Savannah College of Art and Design/BFA in Computer Art (cum laude)/GPA 3.61